Hello, Just wanted to thank you again for our new addition…our house’s
laughter meter has spiked!!!!!  Happy Easter  Amy, Luke and RJ 




Thank you so much for our great Unch. 
He’s extremely happy and healthy.  He’s been a perfect dog.  He
was easy to housebreak, loving, even tempered, and extremely cute. 
Thank you for our boy!




Hi Sandy – Here are a few photos of Klaus
at 4 months old.  He’s the best ever!! He’s a lovely, healthy, and
beautiful frenchie!  I thought you’d be happy to see them…
 Mari N.


Hello Sandy and Mike, 
Princess is a real doll.   She cheers up the soldiers in
Afghanistan deployed with my husband with her photos.   Here she
is in her camoflauge outfit with rucksack at 4 months old.


 Hi Sandy, This
is Brosco and Loba we got from you in December of 2006,  We look at the pics
of all the bulldogs and we want to be added  to the bullldogs people got
from you.   They are a joy and were so glad that we got them from you.  We
look on your site often to see all the new puppies.  From Upstate NY. Fran &


Hello,We just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you.  Hercules was
born on October 27, 2005 and we took him home in December.  We simply love
him to pieces and spoil him.  He is the best thing that has ever happened to
us.  He is so sweet and loving. On Friday, we met another couple who adopted
a 6 month bully from you and we were both simply raving.  We plan on having
a play date.Thanks for bringing Hercules into our lives.Beth, Stan and


Hey Sandy , Its Peter Gusmano and Lorna Brodigan Tony is doing wonderful.
 We simply love him…perhaps we can make it to your wall of fame on your
Sandy….We want to thank you for bringing such a wonderful joy into our
lives….Tony Soprano just turned 6 mos old and he is quite special and we
love him.  Those nights when Lorna and I site to watch a movie and Tony is
playing with a bone, its priceless.  He is the talk of Merrick Long
Island…We just met another couple who had a puppy from you as well.  Small
world….but lots of cute bulldogs of yours in it !!  Heres a pix of Tony
when we got him and now at 6 mos old….just @ 40 lbs now.  Thanks again and
maybe we’ll be back for another! 
Peter and Lorna, Merrick NY


Hi Sandy,
I am emailing to
say that Mr. Beans is doing great.  He recently turned two in February
and is now a very big boy! 😉 
He is completely awesome and we love him to pieces.  Beans is very
lovable, cuddley and laid back.  He has been joined by his younger pug
brother Frank and recently his younger adopted/rescued bulldog sister;
he loves them all.  I am attaching some updated pictures.  Thanks for
giving us such a great dog!  Cheers,Nicole & Jim Malden, MA


Hi Sandy,
I am emailing to
say that Mr. Beans is doing great.  He recently turned two in February
and is now a very big boy! 😉 
He is completely awesome and we love him to pieces.  Beans is very
lovable, cuddley and laid back.  He has been joined by his younger pug
brother Frank and recently his younger adopted/rescued bulldog sister;
he loves them all.  I am attaching some updated pictures.  Thanks for
giving us such a great dog!  Cheers,Nicole & Jim Malden, MA


Hi Sandy, here’s Handsome Rob at
5 months. He’s absolutely a character! We couldn’t have asked for better
temperament – people marvel at how great he is at my daughter’s soccer
games. He has the best personality ever. An absolute bundle of joy – and a
bouncy fellow when he wants to play! Thanks again.
Thanks, and hope to hear back from you soon.     Ramon


Hi Sandy-  Just another update on my two bullies.  Archie is now 4 years old
and loving his new home (we just bought a new house) and new brother. 
Gunner just turned 1 and loves to jump and play with his big brother.  I
can’t say thank you enough for our wonderful boys.  They both are very
excited because summer is coming and its time to swim!!!!  I know that
bulldogs aren’t the best swimmers but you’d be surprised to see that Archie
can swim like a lab for hours. (its quite funny)  Ok well I have attached
some new photos of the boys outside playing.  And thank you again!! 


Hi Sandy! I’ve enclosed some recent pictures of my parents dog Maddie Mae
and my puppy Haleigh Lynn!  In the first picture Haleigh is on the left and
Maddie is on the right.  They tend to sleep identically with their tongues
hanging out!  Maddie is more of the ball player and Haleigh is more of the
lover like her cousin Sasha (my brothers dog from you… the first one)
Haleigh and I have moved to NYC so she gets to see Sasha a lot more now. 
Haleigh also did some modeling for a doggy bakery and got some free cute
clothes!  She is such a brat now but I love her, and her size! The last
picture is her portrait, sorry it’s a bit blurry, but the scanner didn’t
take it that well!   Thanks for my bundle of
joy!                             Rachael


Hi Sandy! Today is Vic’s (wearing his green St. Patrick’s Day collar…) 1st
birthday and we wanted to send along a couple of photos of both him and the
resident princess, Miss Penelope (15 months and beautiful as always in
pink!). They are the best of friends and almost inseparable. As you can see,
nothing beats a tough day of crunching through the snow like a nice long nap
on the couch! They are both very sweet and affectionate but do not hesitate
to sound the alarm with a sturdy *woof* when a car pulls in the driveway. We
are 100% happy with our two wonderful dogs and are sure to tell everyone
about you and Iris Farms.
Thanks again,Josh & Leann


We got our little darling, Holly, from you in October of 2005.  My husband
surprised me with her for my birthday and what a terrific birthday present
turned out to be!  She has filled our lives with lots of laughs and we are
so glad to have her as part of our family.  She has such a wonderful
like no other dog we’ve ever seen.  She enjoys napping on our laps and
playing frisbee in the yard. Thanks so much, Maggie and Bill


We bought our
english bulldog Rocky from you in November 2004. Rocky is now a little over
two years old and has brought plenty of joy and happiness to our lives. His
personality and temperment are like no other that I have seen. He is very
friendly and loves when any person will pay attention to, pet or play with
him. Here are a few pictures of him doing two of the things that he likes
best, relaxing on the couch and taking a bath. Thanks again for such a
wonderful dog.   Christine and Peten for such a wonderful dog.   Christine
and Pete


We wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New
Year!!!  Our first married Christmas and Floyd’s first Christmas is going to
be great!! He is the absolute best dog!! Take Care, Rob and Erica 


Hello Sandy,   Sorry to be so long in sending this email. Oliver is just a
joy. He has the most wonderful temperment. My only problem is that he is
growing up too fast. Have the other two babies been adopted. I would
definately like to know when you breed Bunnie and Jackson again. My daughter
will be looking to get a dog next year and we might too.  I looked at his
brother Sonny from the previous litter and they look exactly alike. He
sounds like a great dog too. Our families have all been around for the
holidays and everyone has fallen in love with him. He is almost totally
house trained and knows all the common  commands. His favorite treat is a
fresh green bean, but refuses no fresh vegetable, even lettuce!! We all wish
you a happy holiday season. Hope you enjoy his picture taken today.  Jeanne 


Hi Sandy,  We just wanted to send you a few pictures of our bulldog Murphy. 
We got Murphy from you in Oct of 2005.  He’s been great and everybody loves
to hang out and play with Murph!  We often look back at the website and see
that other people are sending in photos of their dogs and Murphy has to be
included (just like everything else).  Kara  Weymouth, MA


Dear Sandy,   I just viewed at all of the picture of the English bulldogs
the other owners of Iris Farm bulldogs have sent to you, and decided to send
one of our Buddy.   We got Buddy from your farm in June 2001.  He has been a
great dog, and loves having his picture taken He even has his own greeting
card line, Buddy Boy Cards, which are sent to all of his fans.  I have
attached his latest Halloween card.  Inside greeting says “This Bud’s for
you! Sincerely, 
Elaine      Wilton, CT


Hi Sandy,
 Just to keep you up to date.  I just love New Jersey.  Here I am getting
into mischief in my moms vegetable garden .I love my new home. I’m being
spoiled to bits. Love,Winston


We have a few pictures to send you of Floyd  (Iris Farms Pink Floyd Rogan) .
We bought him in August..well he bought us really….He is the BEST and wins
over every person that comes into contact with him!!! He has the best
personality and is WONDERFUL with every child and every dog he has met so
far!!! Floyd is the biggest mush and loves to play with his cousin Vito
(Boston Terrier). We wanted to thank you for giving us Floyd b/c he is the
perfect addition to our new family!!!!!  There are millions of pictures, but
these are a few!! We will send you more around the holidays when he gets
even bigger!!!!!!!! I know I sent you a bunch but it was hard to pick from
the tons and tons we have!!!!!!! 
Rob, Erica, and Floyd 


We wanted to send you an updated picture of Fergus.  We were walking in the
park recently and a photographer stopped us and asked if we would be in the
county parks brochure for next year.  He really meant Fergus I think,
because he has contacted us and wants to take pictures of Fergus in his
studio.  For now here is one of his pictures. Thank You Again, Nuala and


Hi Sandy,  Greg and I just wanted to send you some updated pictures of our
beautiful bulldog Wilma Mae (aka: Mae-Mae, Missy-Miss, Petunia Rose, Pretty
Girl…).  We purchased her in December of 2004 and she has been such a
joy.  We have recommended you and given out the name of your website several
times to numerous people who have developed an interest in bulldogs after
meeting Wilma with her charming and happy disposition.  We have had no
health problems with her at all.  We also bring her with us everywhere we go
including vacations.  Included in the photos is a picture of Wilma in her
stroller which we use quite often.  We frequently visit your website to look
at the pictures of the beautiful puppies and the customer
letters.                       Take Care, Erin and Greg  CT 


Hi Sandy, 
We need to apologize for being so remiss in sending you pictures of our
Bulldog LuLu.  She was born last Sept 27 2006; we got her from you last
November at 8 lbs and now she is a healthy 44lbs! She is a really great dog
– great temperament, very social, both with people and other dogs, and we
can’t take her out for walks without people gathering in crowds around her
because they think she’s so cute. She has also been deemed “the most
beautiful dog on Beacon Hill” by some of the locals in Boston! I’ve attached
some pictures – the first is what she looked like when we picked her up and
the last few are what she looks like now at 11months (the last one is with
my niece, who is LuLu’s new best friend).  I am also writing because Chris
(Chris Hsi) and I would like to get another bulldog puppy.  We wanted to
know if the male puppies #4 and 6 on your web site currently are still
available and how much they are.  Of if the sale on #1 did not go through –
we love the white face and wrinkles!  If they are not available, can you let
us know when you are planning your next litter so we can plan for that?
Thanks again, Sandy.  LuLu has been a wonderful addition for us!  We’ll send
you more pictures as she grows (which hopefully won’t be much
more!).Jennifer   Boston, MA 


Hi Sandy,
We just wanted to give you a qyuick update on Stewie! He is doing great and
Maisy loves him! The two love to play and follow each other, constantly.
Stewie was a huge hit a the vet – they called in the other staff & vet to
come and see him! Here are pictures as we promised – keep checking it
because we add them whenever we get good shots( most are from his first
night with us). I will keep in touch and wanted to let you know how happy we
are with our doggies! Sincerely,Heather  


This is me enjoying my home at the jersey shore. I love the sun and the


Hi Sandy-We have had Auggie since May 2005 and he is doing great. He makes
us laugh everyday. He is the most popular dog on the street. We are always
talking about getting another one. We couldn’t ask for a better bully. Here
are a few recent pictures for you to add. Thanks, Holly,Bob, and Auggie


Hi Aunt Sandy, 
  It’s me, Winston.  I just wanted to let you know that since I left your
farm on December 4th of ’04 I’m having a great time with my new family. 
 My new Dad said that he knew that we were ment to be together as soon as he
saw me.  On top of that, once we got home he found out that
 my birthday is September 25th.  The funny thing is that Dad’s birthday is
September 26th and my new big brother’s birthday is September 27th. 
 Wow, I don’t think we could have planned it any better if we tried.  
  My new family is great.  Mom, Dad, and my two big brothers Mike and John
really like to play with me, and guess what, they even have the 
same food here that I had at your farm.  Mike has to go someplace called
college, so I don’t get to see him too often, but when he’s home 
we have a lot of fun.  My best best friend is my big brother John he’s 13. 
He spends a lot of time with me.  
He taught me how to “sit” and “stay” and go up and down the stairs.  The
going up part was easy, but the going down part was hard. 
 I was afraid that I would fall all the way down.  I can do it real good
  Just after I moved into my new home, Dad and John put a tree inside the
house with all kinds of shiny things hanging from it. 
 It was great cause I found a new place under the tree to play hide and
seek.   Mom and Dad didn’t like it too much but I was able to fool 
them a couple times.  Then, one day I woke up and there were all kinds of
pretty boxes and bags under the tree.  Boy did I have fun with all 
those boxes and paper.  I even got to keep some of the stuff that was in the
boxes.  Lots of people came over that day and I got to play 
with them and lots more boxes.  
  I really like riding in the car.  Last weekend Mom, Dad, and John took me
for a ride to the pet store.  Boy, was that fun.  Dad said we had 
to go and get a new dinner bowl for me cause mu chubby little face could not
fit in the one we had at home any more.  The store was real nice
 and everybody was real happy to see me.  One lady told Mom that I was so
handsome that she should show me.  I don’t know what she wanted to show 
me but I guess I could go if it doesn’t interfere with my afternoon nap or
  While we were in the car I watched Dad real close when is was driving.  He
turns this big round thing and wiggles this stick thing on the floor. 
 I’m only 4 months old now, but I bet when I’m a 1 year old I could do it
too, if he lets me.
I attached a picture so you can see also.    
  I have to go now.  I can hear Mom filling my dinner bowl and that means
its time to eat and thats always a good thing.
  If you have a chance to talk to any of my litter-mates, tell them and
everyone on the farm that I said hi, and I hope they were all as lucky
 as me in finding a good home.  
Hugs and Slobbers,
Mike and Linda  


Hi there,I got my girl, Rosie, from your Christmas Day litter in 2003- and
she’s doing great, but we just moved into a house w/ a huge backyard, and
I’m thinking she needs a little friend to play with all day…  I see on
your website that it says to check back the third week of april, but I was
wondering if  A) the new litter is already here, but not ready for pics yet,
and if so B) how can I best proceed to have a top pick of the litter that
does come up for sale?  Thanks again for breeding such great,
well-dispositioned bulldogs!  (I am attaching a recent photo for you too!) 
-Meggan , Connecticut


Sandy and Mike,  I’m sure you’ve heard it on the news that on Tuesday Yale
University  held a contest to replace its recently deceased bulldog mascot,
Handsome Dan XV.  Magnificent Mugsy Rangoon (Mugsy) offspring of C and H
Mainline Bandit and Lady Bird Chancey Patterson won the position. A field of
twenty-eight bulldogs from New England was reduced to ten finalists who
competed against one another in a series of competitions at the
universitiy’s annual Yale Spring Fling celebration.  Mugsy, seventy pounds
of solid muscle, deep brindle and white, spotterd with black freckles, and
possessing a wonderful large head, was the replacement for Mad Maxx who had
to be put down because of an extremely narrow trachea and a mega
Just thought you’d like to know that one of the three most famous bulldogs
in the world came from Iris Farms.   Bob 

ugsy, seventy pounds of
solid muscle, deep brindle and white, spotterd with black freckles, and
possessing a wonderful large head, was the replacement for Mad Maxx who
had to be put down because of an extremely narrow trachea and a mega

Just thought you’d
like to know that one of the three most famous bulldogs in the world
came from Iris Farms.   Bob



Hi Sandy, We were trying to look at puppy pictures but the link is not
Miss Angus (4 1/2 yr old daughter of Rose and Bubba) says hi! You can post
her picture on your Web site if you like.  Adopting her was a brilliant idea
… she’s the best, and appropriately spoiled.
Peter and Susan 


Hey Sandy!  Well, My maximus is now 5 years old… time has flown by!
He is the greatest. I’ve attached a recent pic for you. He is a Giants
fan….can you tell??? LOL Shawna


Hi Mike and Sandy-
 Just a quick note to say hello and thank you for our wonderful bullie
boys.  We purchased Archie two years ago and just recently added Gunner to
our family.  They have made us so happy and they have the most wonderful
temperments.  We take the boys for a walk everyday and we can almost always
count on someone stopping us and asking about them.  We are very proud
parents and thank you again.


Hello, We have named this little bundle of joy buttercup.  she is getting
along great with our other bulldog, hercules.  I have included a few photos
to show you their enjoyment of each other. It was a pleasure purchasing a
dog from you and I will be recommending you to all of our friends.  you are
truly a great person with a wealth of knowledge of the dogs you breed. (1000
percent more helpful than a pet store)        thank you again. Andre 


Happy Holidays,  
We just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy Holiday
and New Year.  Attached is the most recent picture of my pride and joy Sixer
.  He is going to be 11 months old on December 22, 2005.  Sincerely, Deanne
and Sixer


Hi Mike & Sandy, Just an pictorial update of Higgins and Hailey. Higgins is
now 3 , and Hailey turned one in August. They love each other like brother
and sister. I hope all is well.
 here are pictures of Higgins and Hailey for Halloween this year!!!     
Aren’t they the best? Both are dressed as clowns, Higgins is a veterinarian,
Dr. Barker and Hailey is a beautiful princess!
Take Care,     Sal and Nancy ,  NY


Hi Sandy, 
Sorry it took us so long to send pictures of Sarah – it is so hard to choose
the best one!  We adopted Sarah in August 2003 (she was the last of her
litter – I believe you nicknamed her Bertha) right before you left for
vacation.  She is the perfect addition to our family. She has the sweetest
disposition, mixed with a little bit of “bully” attitude.  Everyone in town
loves her and we get tons of compliments on how beautiful she is.  I do not
think we could love her any more.
Rick and Jennifer 


We are constantly getting positive comments about how handsome he is, and
his friendly attitude.  We have given out the Iris Farms name and web
site hundreds of times.  Attached are a couple pictures of my little buddy
from when we brought him home to today.    Please feel free to post them on
your web site.   We are not too far from you, so hopefully we can find a day
to take him back to the farm for a visit, so you can see how well he
has grown up.  Thanks again Regards,           Mike & Linda 


Hello, I promised to send pictures of Beans when we got home from Iris
Farms.  That was in April, how time flies!  He is doing wonderfully.  He is
such a ham and loves to be around people.  He loves to play and I have been
told is quite active for a bulldog.  Maybe it is because he hangs out with
labs!  LOL!  Here are some pictures taken before the summer.  I would have
sent more recent pics but my digital camera is on the fritz.  He has grown
in size and wrinkles.  Thanks.    Cheers, Nicole . , MA


Sandy,I just wanted to drop a quick note and some pics of the beautiful bulldog my
wife and I bought from you in January of 05.  I can’t begin to explain how
much joy Scoozi has brought to our
life.  She is such a wonderful dog and I couldn’t imagine life without her. 
Bulldogs are the best breed of dog alive!  Period!  Scoozi is healthy and up
to 50lbs.  We will own a bulldog for life
and hopefully you will continue to breed them so that we can always come
back for more.  
Thanks, Carlo & Kim 


hello Sandy,  it is Wendy Greenberg from Allentown, who bought miles from
you last aug. just wanted to give you the web site with the proofs on it so
if you would like a picture just tell me what proof number and I’ll get it
to you!! he is doing great, still growing and could not be sweeter! everyone
love him to death, and he takes such good care of his sister Madison, he is
the best!
he loves his home , he is very spoiled, he and Madison stayed at their third
hotel with us when we have to go far away for lacrosse games and everyone
makes a real fuss over them next weekend we are going to a chalet in the
Pocono’s, with ponds,18 acres, and all that good stuff, so they will have
fun there also.anyway the site is and just click on studio previews,
then find Wendy Greenberg, and you’ll see the cute little bullies, one of
those pictures would be cute on your website!! talk to you soon 


Dear Sandy, Here are the latest pictures of Ruggles and Tessa–we love them
to bits! We 
got Ruggles from you in February of 2004, and came back in May 2004 to get 
Tessa.  We are SO happy that we have two–they are crazy about each other! 
They love playing in the yard, sleeping, eating and taking up our whole bed 
at night! We can’t imagine our lives without them. Best wishes, Anna and
Jason Ruggles and Tessa


Sandy,     A few more pictures of Ellie from the beach this weekend that
I thought you might enjoy.  Best,Michael


Sandy,  Hello from New Hampshire!
I just wanted to take a minute and give you a short update. We just
celebrated Hudson’s first birthday a couple of weeks ago and I can’t begin
to tell you what a wonderful dog he has turned into. He is so gentle and
loving. I couldn’t ask for better. As you can tell from the photo’s, he is
just beautiful. (oops…he would be mortified if he heard me call him
beautiful, so let me correct myself) He is just HANDSOME!!!
Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to expand our family with
such a wonderful member!  Shanna 


Hi Sandy,  
Just checking in with you on Otis’ 8 month birthday. He is the best dog
ever!  We get compliments from everyone, saying he is the best looking
bulldog they’ve ever seen.  We couldn’t be happier with his disposition, his
health, and his personality.  
Otis spends weekdays in Manhattan, and spends the weekend in the Catskills. 
He’s learned to ride the scooter, and it’s become his favorite mode of
transportation.  Walking around Central Park would wear him out, but he
loves riding the scooter to the park, and smiling at all the wheel-less
dogs. We’re going to teach him to ride a skateboard this summer – he’ll have
even more fun when he can push.  Thanks so much for raising such a great
dog!   Proud parents,  Ben & Harper 


Sandy,  I came across these pictures of Ellie from last summer in the
Hamptons and thought that I would share them with you. Ellie turned three
this month. She is doing great and truly the sweetest dog ever. Regards,


I wanted to send along a couple of pictures of Lois who we adopted from you
when she was 10 wks old in early December. She is about 4 months old in the
first picture and six months old in the second one. She is honestly the best
dog either of us have ever met. She loves everyone and everything and is
obsessed with cuddling. She has been a snap to house train too. She has met
a lot of other bulldogs and their owners and they have all been amazed at
how beautiful she is and how incredible her demeanor is. She is the best and
we’re already talking about getting a second bulldog. We may be seeing you
soon…Regards, Jay & Julie


Sandy- My mother and I picked Rosie out of your 2003 Christmas Day litter-
she was the ‘runt’ of the litter, and still has every bit of a Napoleon
complex today! I’ve included a few photos of her now- just a couple months
past her 1st birthday. She’s a healthy 50 pounds, (and to think I was
worried that she might not get to be ‘full size!’) We live in a small
village in Connecticut, and being a local Realtor, Rosie is my firm’s
unofficial mascot and she often gets to ride around with me (in her car
booster seat!) while I show houses. She walks around town like she owns it
and she is hands-down the most popular girl around. Her favorite thing to do
though, is cuddle up on the couch- she’s not satisfied until her nose is
right next to my cheek. Thanks so much for such a loving and spunky girl!


Sandy,  Here is a picture of our Daisy at 6 months, she has been nothing but
a total delight to have around. Not only does she make for a great heating
blanket…she loves to cuddle, but she also is the cure for the common desk
job. We look forward to coming home to her everyday and spending as much
time with her as we can on the weekends. Thanks so much, Chris & Amanda


Hi Sandy,
My name is Linda and I bought Willie from you last September.
He is the best dog, he gets along very good with everybody, and he is very
loving. We are actually thinking of buying another one when Willie get
He is four months now, and we wanted to show you some pictures of him, so
you can see how big he is now.
Happy Holidays!!!!


Hi Sandy and Mike, Just wanted to send you some of the latest photos of
Sophie–we got her from you on July 3rd 2003.  As you can see she is very
excited for the holidays. I even caught her sneaking a peek at her presents
tonight!  We cannot tell you enough what a perfect addition she is to our
family.  I can’t even call her a pet, she is very much our “little girl” and
spoiled rotten as such!  Although she loves to lounge around and cuddle w/
her mom, she also enjoys hiking in the woods with her dad.  She fits us like
a glove!  Have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.  Liz, Jamie and
Sophie , NY


Hello, I bought the English bulldog and my mother bought two from you. My
husband Ralph came to pick them up. Were from New Hampshire, I wanted to
write you and tell you how Bella is doing. She is the best dog I have ever
had in my life she has the best temperate and is wonderful with my children.
She wakes every morning and makes her rounds with the children giving them
kisses. When my husband comes home from work she hears his truck pull down
the drive way and is awaiting him at the door. She is not only our pet but
now our best friend. When she has a vet visit I have to make it at night so
my husband can go because he is so excited to see how much she has grown. It
is like having a baby all over again. I now check other peoples English
bulldogs out when I see them and I have not met one like ours. The body
structure, her attitude everything is so wonderful about ours. She is
already going to the bathroom outside too. I will keep you updated on Bella.
Here are a few pics of her.. Pics are being sent separate Shelly _ New
Jake is the one to the left with orange collar and then Maggie is in the
middle and Bella is all the way to the left and these are all the pups we
got from you.. They are so cute huh!!


It’s been so long since we talked.  We are the owners of a Dark Brindle
English Bulldog that we purchased from you in March, 2003.  We have named
him Hudson and I am attaching some pics we have taken of him.   It would be
impossible to say in words how much this dog is loved.  He is such a part of
our family and our business (he is the unofficial greeter at our Antique
Mall) that all who come in contact with him fall in love.  He is active,
playful and the healthiest bulldog our vet knows!  He is simply the greatest
and has such a loving personality.  If we could say one thing about Hudson,
it would be his great personality (he has that in spades) and loving
disposition.  One thing everyone finds impressive is Hudson’s love of
children.  If a child comes around in a stroller, he simply must check it
out and get close to the “baby”.  As big as he is he is very gentle and safe
with the kids unless he is playing hard. We have recommended admirers to
your website and contact information.  We have a couple of questions: We
have been asked by others if we could breed Hudson for a litter (they love
his color and disposition).  Since we have never done this, do you have any
advice?  We have not neutered him but plan to in the near future but were
considering breeding him.  Is this something that you would consider helping
us with??
Thanks for your time, 


Dear Mike & Sandy, Here is a shot of Tito awaiting the Great Pumpkin. He
will be three in December and He loves to pose for all types of pictures. He
wants to be a super model when he grows up. I will keep you posted with mo
re pictures of him in the near future. Thanks again Joe , Eastchester, NY


Attached is a picture of our bumble bee Shirley on Halloween. Shirley turned
2 in October. We got her from you in December 2002 (a 10/02 litter). She is
the hit of the neighborhood and everywhere we go she draws a crowd. She
especially loves children. She has a wonderful personality, loves to chill
out in her pool, and even sit in a beach chair like a person. She has
brought so much joy to our lives and is a great companion. Thanks for giving
us the best part of our family! 
Danielle & Jen


Hello -Just wanted to send along a note to you about our boy.  We got Eli
from you in July of 2002.  He is from a May 20th litter by Amos and Miss
Bumble Bee.  The first picture was taken the week we brought him home – he
is barely taller than his toy carrot!  The second was taken last week,
enjoying the last scents of my herb garden.  He loves being outside. He is
devoted and quite gentle, but still has his own mind – very much a Bulldog. 
My husband has trained him with verbal commands and hand signals.  Eli loves
the obedience work.  Bob is hoping to get him titled.  We did try showing
him; neither Eli nor I cared for it.  We have received many compliments on
his coloring as well as his conformation to the breed standard.
He is a treasure – thank you so much! Caryn and Bob  NY


Hi Sandy & Mike, 
Do you know that I thank you everyday for my “Chopper”.     He is the
absolute Best of the Best…We love him so. Much…He is the topic of
conversation wherever we go.  He turned a year old on 9/2/04 and we wanted
to let you See how much he has grown.  He is full of attitude and is just
like having a child in the house.  He watches me Wash dishes and brings me
his chew toys to wash and when I give them back all cleaned up, He politely
puts The toy down and jumps up to give me a kiss then runs off with the
bone.  When I took him home he was Pure white, but, look at the wonderful
sable spots that dot his body.  I don’t believe anyone could be happier Than
me,  He is the perfect match for our family.  I will be back when we are
ready for a female .  I can Attest to the fact that we will never own any
other breed.  We’re hooked forever !                Linda 


Peanut getting ready for Gator ride     Here he is -Ready to go


Hey Sandy,   
purchased puppy back in april, i think this picture was taken in july, her
name is bumbles and she is great, i will send u an updated photos soon, just
wanted to say hi and tell you how happy i am with her, i have recommended
you to some people, which i think have made it down to see you and purchased
from you. 


Just wanted to send an updated picture of our sweetheart, Henrietta.  My son
and her are BEST FRIENDS, the only problem is he thinks he is a dog (as seen
in photo begging for treats like Henri) and she thinks she is a human 🙂 
She is doing great and is the picture of health and happiness.  Thank
goodness I bought her from you, a reputable breeder, we have had none of
those bulldog health problems you sometimes hear about.  She is perfect and
the vet is always impressed.  Thanks again!-Jenn, Brian, Orla, Eoghan and Henrietta


Hi Sandy-
Thought you might like to see a picture of “Stumpy” all grown up.  He is in
one of his favorite places.  The other places are on my couch and Matt’s
bed.  He is so much fun and company and makes us laugh with all of his
antics.  He is so attached to Matt and loves nothing better,(except maybe
eating), then to go for car rides to visit Matt’s friends.  He is always by
Matt’s side as Matt continues his recovery.  It has been a long hard time
for Matt but with Stumpy there to cheer him on, he will make it. I check in
now and then on your puppies.  Someday I will be back for my
“own” Stumpy. Take care.  Donna 


I want to apologies for not sending a picture of Lulu sooner. She was one of
your july 2001 litters. We have been very happy with her and couldn’t
imagine life without her. You probable don’t remember us but we had lost a 2
year old bully to illness. We thank god that Lulu has been healthy.  I can’t
begin to tell you how much Lulu means to us. We’ve had a baby since
then. She’s 18months now and loves ” Luu ”  Thank you,    George, Cristina,
Briana     From Connecticut


Hello Sandy & Mike~
 We just wanted to send you a little note to tell you that we are absolutely
in love with our bulldog puppy we purchased from you back on Feb. 8th!!  She
is just the most wonderful little thing!!  Her name is “Princess Lola
Bear.”  (Our 4-year-old required that she be “Princess”
something-or-other!)  But we just call her Lola. She’s had all her first
year shots now and is adjusting so well.  She’ll be fixed before the year is
over- we just wanted her to be part of the family- no plans for breeding
her.   Right from the start, she seemed to get the idea that she needed to
go potty outside.  Of course we still had our share of accidents those first
few weeks, but those are now rare!  Yay.  She’s lost several puppy teeth now
(thank goodness- we won’t be missing those razor sharpies!) and she weighs
25 lbs.   She enjoys going out in the yard and exploring the woods around
the house…  But mostly she just likes to sleep in our laps!!   Everytime
we go the vet they can’t help bit parade her around the office so everyone
can see her!  They claim that she is one of the prettiest bullies they have
seen!  Anyway, we just thought we’d let you know that we’ve all adjusted
well and that Lola is loved dearly.  (And I finally have another girl in my
house of guys!)  
 Thank You & Take Care~  The Sullivans:  Koren, Skip, Owen, Oscar &
LOLA!!!   Koren 


Mike & Sandy,     New picture of Sanchez, now a little over a year old! We
are having so much fun with him! Thinking about getting him a sister! He’s
the hit of the neighborhood! We’ll be in contact soon! Thanks again and
Happy New Year! Sue & Dave , NY


Hi Sandy & Mike!  Here’s a picture of ‘J.D’.  He will be two in June.  We’ll
e-mail you more pictures soon.  Eileen 


Dear Mike and Sandy,
  It has been about a year and a half since Kevin and I brought home Sophie
from you.  It has been the best year and a half!  The training period was at
times very difficult but better than both of us had planned on.  We love
Sophie so much and can’t imagine our lives without her.  We hope to get her
a friend soon!  As the pictures show, we also have two cats so we hope to
have more room before we get another dog.  We look at the website every
couple of months and always hope that the time to get another bulldog will
come soon.  Thank you so much and hope that you are doing well.
very sincerely, Vera and Kevin and Sophie


Hi Sandy, 
Back in October, we picked up a pug puppy from you and her name is Ariel. 
She is almost 3 months old, extremely cute and is a quick learner. She can
also be a little stubborn at times.  The kids absolutely adore her and have
a lot of fun with her.  Since this will be Ariel’s first Xmas, we figured we
would get her in the holiday spirit…her pic is attached.. Regards,Pat,
Mike, Kerri, Bobby and Christine


Dear Sandy,  I am finally getting around to sending you a picture of millie,
our english bulldog. She is almost 4- we got her from you in March of 2000.
We love her- she is so amazing and smart that we often forget that she is a
dog (and so does she)! She has such a wonderful disposition and is just the
greatest pet and companion! Thanks!  Kate DeAngelis and James


We got Romeo from you in January of 2001, and he has just been a wonderful
addition to our family.  He has such a unique personality that it’s hard to
leave home without him.  We currently live in Hoboken New Jersey so he’s a
city dog now, but he’s enjoying playing with various cousins of his at dog
parks.  Thank you for such a wonderful dog!  We’ll be back, of course with
Romeo’s permission.  Greg & Dawn
attached is a recent photo in his favorite outfit.  yes I know we’re crazy.


Subject: Priceless 
Parents buying a English Bull dog $2768.00 
Obedience Training $850.00 
Weekly visit to the vet $50.00 
Automatic water dispenser $24.99 
Watching your parents Bull Dog when they are on vacation relax. Priceless


Hi Sandy and Mike… wishing you the best in this holiday season… Bullet
continues to delight us… now 35lbs… my father has fallen in
love with him as well and we were even thinking of it as a Xmas present for
him… we’ve seen the lovely new additions to the website…. my
only concern is he lives on a farm with a large deep pond and another dog
that loves to swim… I know bulldogs can’t really swim but will
they try to go in the water or do they instinctually know not to? He has
layout like yours and dogs are free to roam so no sense in getting a
lovely pup that will then hurt itself…  thanks for your feedback in


this is unique


We got Rosie from you in 2001,
she is now a happy, healthy 14 year old bulldog! She recently celebrated
Hanukkah and last year’s Patriots Superbowl win! The photo with the party
hat is from her 14th birthday last May.

All the best, The Band Family


bulldog puppies  bulldog rosie rosie bulldog picture 3


Hi Sandy,  We just wanted to update you on Meatball.  We picked him up on
June 29,2008.  Since the day we brought him home, he has made our family
extremely happy!!!   Has a great personality and is great with my children. 
He is a bit of a comedian. There is not one day that he doesn’t make us
laugh.  He has grown so much in the past few weeks. He is very popular where
ever we take him!! Especially on our block, everyone is full of compliments
when he goes outside with us. He loves to sit on the front steps of our
house with us and roll around on the grass. We love him so much, and are so
happy that he is a part of family. We will keep you updated on Meatball as
he continues to grows.Thank You,
The Russello Family  


Hi Mike and Sandy,
Just a quick update on our best boy, Tank. Here’s a shot of him on our
latest camping trip – caught him in mid-scratch! He LOVES going camping –
although his snoring seems even louder when we’re all in the RV together! As
always, he makes friends where ever he goes and people come by our campsite
just to meet “Tank the Bulldog!” 
The Hamel Family 


Sandy, Sorry it took so long to get back to you.  Tank is keeping us busy
and is just a pleasure to have.  We love him so much.  I have attached a few
pictures for you.  I think he really  likes it here and is already making it
clear that he believes he runs things around here!! I’ll send more pix
later.  Thanks, Gina and Kevin 


Dearest Sandy,  We just wanted to update you and thank you from our hearts
for the most wonderful thing that has ever came into our lives.  Tank will
be 8 mo. in Aug.  He is the most precious thing….he’s smart, funny, and
the most loveable person we know….and I do say ‘person’, cuz he would beg
to differ if you called him a dog!!!  We took him to the beach for the 4th
of July and he was absolutely the talk of the town.  It took us hours
to walk the boardwalk, because we had to stop every 2 min. so everyone could
pet and comment us on the cutest dog they ever saw!  Here are some pictures
from the 4th and a few of him ruleing the roost. Oh, and did I mention, he
loves to lounge around as much as he loves to play…with his big blue ball. Thanks again for our bundle of joy!  The Slocum’s 


Hi Sandy    Here are pictures of the first Chirstmas  (December 2007) my
sons and I enjoyed with  Princess at age 7 months and Sebastian at age 4
months. My husband is due back from Afghanistant next month and can’t waite
to meet these new family members! As of today April 30th at 8 months
Sebastian has tripled in size and is very cute and is a great guard dog but
princess is still petite and even more beautiful but very dominant. 
Princess for some reason despite her size is very influential and keeps
Sebastian in line and often time he will drop food he is eating or a toy
he has at her demand for these things.  Regards, Gwen Lindsay-Jackson,Esq.


Hello Sandy, Gotti is almost four years old now and I wanted to let you know
the little man is doing very well.  We are not back up in CT and for him a
nice change, he gets to play in the snow a bunch more.  He loves running
around and playing and without a doubt keeps me busy.  I want to offer my
gratitude, Gotti is my best friend and well-liked by all who he meets. Take
Care, Jim Crozier 


Sandy,  Attached is a picture of our two precious angels – Ginger Mae
(6) and Rosemary Lou (3 1/2) that we adopted from you.  They are the best
and have been featured in our local paper.  They LOVE going to the vet and
often run into the door trying to get in.  The vet says they are the
healthiest, most loving bulldogs he has ever met.  Thank you for bringing
them into our life.  Tracy and Chris Ryan Clifton Park, NY PS  We met
Ginger’s litter mate Hazel.  The people that own her live close by


Hi Sandy – Here are a few photos of Klaus at 4 months old.  He’s the best
ever!! He’s a lovely, healthy, and beautiful frenchie!  I thought you’d be
happy to see them… 
 Mari N. 


Hi Sandy and Mike! Here is the picture of Buddy, the Red Nosed Reindog! 
Enjoy the holidays!  Elaine Laux 


Hello, SandyI wanted to let you know that it has been 7 years since we came down and
picked up Otis. He is doing great and loves playing with our two daughters
and son. I have attached a couple pictures. We want to get another Bulldog
so Otis can have a new buddy to play with. I will call you to see when we
can come down to pick out our new baby. Thank you and we would never
consider getting another Bulldog from any other breeder. Otis has not had
any health issues and is a great dog.

Thanks, The Lander Family 


Dear Sandy, I wanted to give you an update on “Don Bosco”.  We picked him up
in December of 2006, he is an absolute joy, extremely friendly, and loves to
play. He loves the attention he receives when he is out on his walks.  I can
not thank you enough for the awesome bullie we received from you.  Best
Regards, Charlie & Barbara Trigo 


Hi Sandy,
 We just wanted to let you know that Tazer and Arabella are doing well. 
They our the loves of our lives.  They are coming up on their 1 year
birthday.  We received them from you 7 months ago.They love all the snow we
have been getting lately, they cant get enough of chasing each other through
the snow.  They are loveable and have totally differant personalities.  We
love them completely!!!  Maybe someday we will add another to the family. 
TAzer loves to eat and bella girl well she just loves to sleep.. They are
both lap dogs and think they are light as feathers when the two jump up on
your lap and lay on top of each other on you. The Baldis Clan Barkhamsted Ct 


Hi Sandy!! 
 We got our little Vinnie Boom Bahtz from you at Christmas time 2007. HE IS
ABSOLUTELY THE LOVE OF OUR LIVES!! We wanted to send you some pictures of
him, he’s almost 5 months old already!! He is such a good little boy, and so
smart. He’s the definition of a Frenchie…”Clown in the robe of a
philosopher” He does very well in our apartment. He thinks, well to be
honest, KNOWS that he’s our child, and spoiled rotten beyond repair. He is
completely baffled if someone walks by without saying hello to him. His best
friend is my parent’s Rottweiler puppy. Nelli Marie is about 75 pounds, and
plays with Vinnie like he’s her baby. We could not be happier, and say all
the time that he’s the gift that keeps on giving. He’s the perfect addition
to our family. We plan to get some family pictures taken soon, we’ll pass
those along when we get them as well. Just wanted to touch base with you and
tell you thank you so much for this wonderful little angel. I couldn’t be
happier with him!
Thanks Sandy! Stephanie and Michael Di Stasio 


Hello,  Just dropping an email to share pics of my bully from Iris Farms. 
His birthday is today and he is now a big boy at three years of age.  I
wanted to say that he is an awesome dog and my best friend.  🙂 
I enjoy everyday with him and it is such a pleasure.  Beans is still a love
bug, loves to learn and play.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful bully!
Sincerely,Nicole Maguire Malden, MA        P.S.I am attaching a pic of him
alone and one with his adopted sister Babycakes (white spotted bully, who
needed a home) and his cousin Mugsy (white and tannish brindle, also from
Iris Farms!). The last pic, is with his pug brother and best buddy, Frank 


Hi Sandy!  I just realized that we still haven’t sent you pictures of
Gertrude and she is now over 13 months old!  Attached are a few of our
favorite pictures.  She is the greatest dog in the whole world and we are
beyond obsessed with her! She makes us laugh everyday and makes everyone who
meets her smile. She loves all of the snow we have been getting in
Maine…she runs around and rolls in it until she looks like a little snow
man.  We haven’t told her yet that she’s not a Husky. I think the world
would be a much happier place if there were more bulldogs in it. Thanks
again for giving us our dream dog.  We couldn’t ask for more.  Hopefully we
will be back to get Gertrude a brother or sister soon!  Meghan and Ben 


Just thought you would like to see the updates of Oliver and Winston.   They
get along wonderfully.It’s hard to believe that Oliver is five months
old.John and Roseann, Mantoloking, New Jersey 


Hi Sandy, Thought that you would enjoy one of the pics of EllieMae’s pups.
She has already won a photo contest and is in running for another. As soon
as I get a chance I will send some more pics of the pups. We just love our
Ellie and are so glad that we found you. She sure does have beautiful pups
and we so enjoyed having them. Cathy Fayette Rodman, NY 


Hi Sandy: Chomper wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
It was the weekend before Christmas Eve last year that we picked him up from
Iris Farms.  It has been quite a year with our new addition.  He is the best
and everyone in the neighborhood can’t get enough of him.  He is such a
showstopper that if we dare to bring him to the pet store there is always a
line of people waiting to meet him.  He’s so accustomed to all the attention
that if people do not acknowledge him he is completely bewildered.  Thank
you so much for Chomper- he’s the best thing that could have ever came into
our lives!  
 We hope you enjoy this picture of Chomper “Our Grinch”!Best wishes for a
Happy New Year! 
Jennifer M. Petralito 


Hello Sandy,My name is moriah, and my husband Jason and I bought a girl
bully from you in the fall of’05. We named her Riley, and she’s the perfect
dog for us. Eager to
please, easy to train- She even knows “spit it out” and rings a bell when
she has to go potty (or wants fresh water, a snack, or attention). She
everyone she meets, even non-dog lovers. She goes with us everywhere, as you
can see in the pictures- nature walks,camping(she has her very own sleeping
bag), road trips, and when she gets tuckered out she gets to rest in the
comfort of her red wagon. Spoiled girl. Thank you so much for our pride and
joy, Sincerly,
Moriah P. – CT 


Hi Sandy, We just love our little Sebastian to peices, who’s exactly 1 year
and 8 months old today!  He has the sweetest temperament and is also a
little comedian.  It takes us forever to walk just one block on the sidewalk
with him because everyone stops us to tell us how adorable he is!  We
couldn’t be happier to have him as a part of our family.  Happy Holidays to you! Gina & Brian